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What should I do if I have received injuries by slipping and falling down?

Business owners and home owners have a duty to those they expressly or implicitly invite onto their premises, to take reasonable care to prevent the existence of dangerous condition on their property. This duty includes not only refraining from creating dangerous conditions but also inspecting their property at reasonable intervals to make sure dangerous conditions have not arisen by the acts of others. Further, property owners have an obligation to invitees to warn them of hidden dangerous conditions that the property owners know of or would know of if they exercised reasonable care.


The field of the law is referred to as "Premises Liability." Typical examples of Premises Liability include instances where a grocery store owner fails to inspect his floor for slippery debris at reasonable intervals, where a business owner creates a dangerous condition such as placing an electrical cord across a doorway or where a business owner fails to provide reasonable security, taking into consideration the amount of crime in the neighborhood where the store is located.