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Robert E. Turffs Background and Philosophy: 

"The first time I met a lawyer I was about 10 years old. My parents were having their wills executed, so I tagged along. I remember the smell of books, ink and paper, and something clicked in my head. From that point on, I knew deep down that I wanted to be a lawyer. In high school I read about Earl Rogers and Clarence Darrow. Back then, being a lawyer was something to be proud of as we watched Thurgood Marshall, Robert Kennedy, and Edward Bennet Williams fight their good fights. 

Great trial lawyers have the ability to navigate the obstacles between the client's problem and rightful solution. As I study their arguments, I realize that their true greatness lies in their ability to inject humanity into the law and the judicial process. They bring out the common thread of humanity that weaves through our country's history and into the courtrooms. They help judges and juries to understand that the person standing before them is just like them; a human being with similar problems, concerns and rights; and that the relief they are seeking is reasonable, understandable and just. 

My aspiration is, to the extent of my ability, to follow that example." 


Robert E. Turffs was born in Elmhurst, Illinois on April 10, 1949. He graduated from New College in 1976 with a B.A. and received his J.D. from the Cumberland School of Law, Samford University in Birmingham, Alabama in 1982. He was admitted to The Florida Bar in 1983 and received his Board Certification from The Florida Bar in Civil Trial Law in 1991. He was admitted to practice in all Florida State Courts, Florida Federal District Courts, with Circuit Court of Appeals, and the United States Supreme Court. 

He serves on the Board of Directors for the Community AIDS Network/Comprehensive Care Clinic. He is a member of the Insurance and Tort Section of the American Bar Association and Trial Section of the Florida Bar. From 1991 - 1993 he was Chairman of the Florida Bar Grievance Committee 12C, and he has authored "function of Grievance Committee", "The Docket", February 1993. He is also a member of the Association of Trial Lawyers of America and both an Eagle and Presidents Club Member of the Academy of Florida trial Lawyers. 

He has been involved in HIV litigations since 1999 and has handled transfusion-associated AIDS and HIV/AIDS related civil rights and disability cases. From 1991 to 1996, over 50% of his time has been devoted to Hemophiliacs and their families in claims against fractionators. He is a member of the Plaintiff's Steering Committee in the class action on behalf of hemophiliacs filed against the manufactures of clotting factor, and a member of the Plaintiff's Steering Committee in the related multi-district litigation.

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